Music, sound, and noise...OH MY!

I'm addicted to music and sound.  I'm on the side of the line with people who function better with "background noise", a term we would disagree with because it implies unwelcome disruption.  Of course, I'm not a fan of the blaring sirens of firetrucks, ambulances, and cop cars (unless its that catchy part from Lil' Wayne's Mrs. Officer), which are generously included with no additional cost in the DC lifestyle package hubby and I signed up for.  However, I'm also not a fan of complete silence, or as I see it, the dreary absence of signs of life.

I begin most days by grudgingly sliding out of bed and playing music to activate me as I get moving and dressed for work.  If I'm working at home, I turn on the TV to watch (mostly listen to) the news in the morning.  Afterwards, I open up one of my all time favorite websites/ideas/technological contributions: Pandora.  If you have an account with them and frequently use their free internet radio service, you probably have 928374832 different stations like me (i heart hyperboles; the free service actually allows up to 100 stations; not sure if the upgraded service provides more).  There are many internet radio services out there, but I've had the best experience with Pandora and have heard so many talented artists and musical styles through their well calculated line-up selections.  Sure, there are a few instances when I've scratched my head wondering how, why, and who could ever play Hinder's Lips of Angel on the Van Morrison station.  But for the most part, the selections are on point, and Pandora empowers you to veto (a limited number/hour) a track with a thumbs-down to to inform them of your displeasure for certain songs.  I usually accompany my thumbs-down clicks with a vehemently loud, exasperated, sometimes vulgar, exclamation of my objection.  It feels good to defy, resist, and pretend as if I'm revolting and taking a stand against crappy music by yelling out "OH UH UH!! I'm thumbing you doooown, (colorful expletive)!"  I know, I know.  It's a small, feeble way of feeling in control, so definitely give this a try.  =) 

My go-to station for the past few months, whether at work or at home, is Django Reinhardt.  His genre is known as "gypsy jazz", which originated in France in the 1930s and is said to have been created by Django himself.  It's fun, upbeat, and improves my outlook on chores by convincing my imagination that I'm in a Parisian kitchen as I wash the dishes.  

[Portrait of Django Reinhardt, ca. Nov. 1946; Gottlieb, William P]
Hubs and I love many types of jazz, spoiled by our frequent exposure to it while living in New Orleans.  I've also been listening to a lot to Phoenix, and Bob Marley is a staple in our household during the hot summer months.  

Regardless of the source, I find sound comforting and influences my productivity and level of energy.  Maybe it's because it makes me feel engaged with the world, or it subconsciously reminds me of my childhood in the Philippines and having 9283748374 family members around me, belting out on karaoke.  I'm not quite sure of the reason.  We live in a fortunate time when we can listen to practically any type music at any given time for however long we want because of technology.  It wasn't too long ago when music was a privilege and only available for those who had the means to create it themselves by playing an instrument, learning a song, or for those who could afford to have someone else play it for them.  As such, I indulge and take advantage.  Don't mistake me as someone who owns or wants a sound machine to engulf me with waves or crickets.  No thanks.  I have my reliable surroundings, particularly hubs, to serenade me and provide nourishment for my hungry ears. 

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