Babies Galore

I'm at the age when it seems that everyone is having babies.  A few years ago, everyone was getting married.  And just a few years before that, everyone was partying and doing things they probably don't want their newborns to ever hear about.  Janet Jackson wasn't lying; funny how time flies when you're having fun!

In the past few years, numerous babies have joined my circle of family and friends, delighting us all with that funny, irresistible baby charisma.  (Lyla, Makayla, Aleighn, Sophie, Kylan, Dani Mae, Kate, Ryder, Lucas, Cullen, Elliot, Francesca, name a few.)    

Most recently, one of hubby's cousins welcomed their first baby boy, Sean, who is as cute as can be.  Two weeks later, my BFF also gave birth to their first baby boy, Wyatt, who is incredibly adorable.  See for yourself! 

Baby Wyatt, one week old, courtesy of the Stropolos.
Look at those inquisitive eyes, that full head of hair, and that lovable expression!  Don't you just want to pick him up and squeeze him?!?! I sure do, and unfortunately, I won't have the chance for another couple of months since Wyatt is in NOLA, and I'm all the way in DC.  =( The silver lining is that this gives him more time to fatten up and give me more squeezabiliciousness to love on!   Until then, I'll be tracking him via video chat sessions and reading about his cuteness from other Baby Wyatt blogging-admirers, i.e. Nicole, my BFF's super chic and creative cousin.  I also plan to work on some fun baby projects (maybe this, this, and/or this) as presents. 

What are some of your favorite baby DIY projects?

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