Painting Whilst Drinking

Have you tried the trending activity of painting whilst drinking?  I've been to two of them, and alliteration seems to be a favored marketing technique: Corks and Canvas (Nola) and Blush and Brush (Georgetown). 
I jumped on a twofer deal on Living Social for Blush and Brush because I thoroughly enjoyed the first class I took with some of my girlfriends in Nola.  I was pretty sure that Hubs would have a pretty good time as well, especially with a box of Cheez-Its and a bottle of wine in tow.  However, when I signed up for the class, I wasn't aware of the Saints game scheduled on the same night.  Needless to say, Hubs was subjected to some mild mockery and good humored banter for being at a painting class instead of being planted in front of a 974232" HD screen, chugging beer and assessing the team's performance.  But of course, we DVRed the game so he could still fulfill his manly duties, just delayed.  Surprisingly, about a third of the class were guys, some who may even have been there on their own accord.
Our target result, the Key Bridge.  It was a moving target.
We decided to be insubordinate, courageous, fools and use completely different colors than the instructor.  Granted, I did like the warm, original colors, but we planned to hang these on the same wall, side by side.  So why would we want two seemingly identical paintings next to each other in the same house?  That's boring.  It's more interesting to look at significantly separate and different interpretations of a thing.  Warning: this approach made it more difficult to follow the scheme for shadows and reflections, so we were on our own to figure out the best color shades and the proper mixture. Time was the biggest challenge because of all the details and touch ups that could only be added after a section dries.  It was a much more challenging, intricate, and time consuming painting than the one from my first class, but Hubs really enjoyed it, especially learning the sequence of layering.  Ultimately, we had a grand time and now have two more pieces in our valuable art collection.  I totally recommend the painting whilst drinking experience.

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