Quigley a la Philly

Shame on me for falling behind on posting.  No excuses whatsoever, so let me get started on making it up.  A long time ago (August 23rd), in a far away land (the east coast) there was a rare earthquake that the Quigleys felt firsthand...The 5.8 magnitude earthquake not only shook the land but also startled the people; perhaps mostly because the last earthquake in the east coast was 67 years ago.  We were in Philly for the quake, sitting at a Starbucks, and Hubs assumed that the shaking was because of the subway.  Nope.  I knew it wasn't something normal when the employees stopped moving and I no longer heard the blenders or the jangling and tinkling of the coffee machinery.  Fortunately, all was ok, and we were able to continue and enjoy our mini-vacay in the City of Brotherly Love.  (Apologies for the poor picture quality!)
Super cute cobblestone street in Old Town Philly.

Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The pediment (triangular section on top of the building) of the Museum of Art features Greek gods and goddesses in vibrant colors.  Beautiful. 

 This was Hubs first time in Philly, and number one of top of his To Do list, of course, is to run up the Museum's notable stairs a la Rocky.  And so he did.  Although I'm not quite sure it was Rocky-esque.   
The Thinker at the Rodin Museum.

The Signer and Hubs attempting to be his mirror image.  Across from the Independence Hall, this dramatic statue was inspired by George Clymer, a signer of both the Constitution and the Declaration, from Pennsylvania.
"On this site, in 1897, nothing happened."  
Next post will be our Philly dining extravaganza.  Toodles!