Shoes; they're not just for wearing.

My last post featured some old shoes that I found, so the focus of this post is for new shoes that I hope to receive.  (Wink! Wink!)  First, I must share this news article that I read this morning because it conveys a strong message:  Shoes can save your life.  No joke!  Yes, combat boots are pretty heavy duty and can prevent an elevator from crushing you.  But other types of footwear are also useful in other manners.  For instance, a stiletto can be used as a weapon against an attacker with the right amount of force, and a mere house slipper can stamp out that pesky bug that trespassed into your home.  And let's not forget how a good pair of trusty, comfy boots can instantly cure those winter doldrums.  So here we go!
I've been searching for some spunky, black, high top sneaks, and I should have just initially consulted with my online shopping and fashion guru, Mrs. Brown, because she immediately knew which shoe collection I needed to check out.  And of course, she was right on target.  These Supra Vaiders fit the bill, and they even have a touch of gold to be completely Saintstastic!  (Check out Mrs. Brown's WildStyle and try not to be envious of the honeymoon escapade she's about to embark on; future post on Mrs. Brown's fantastic wedding coming soon.)

 Hate all you want, but I still love me some Uggs and would certainly love a new pair, especially these in navy.
These Melissa button boots by Frye are simple and fantastic.  It's hard to find tall boots that don't zip up or have elastic or another feature that goes beyond just pulling them on.  These are a gem.  

Alexander McQueen booties?  Yes please!!!  Amazing.  AND on sale from $1175 to just $822!  Hah!  It's funny that these are even on the list, but a girl can and SHOULD dream. 

Pinki pumps by Ivanka Trump. Perfect for glitz and glam on New Years Eve.  More of Ivanka's collection here.
Not Too Coy Maria is fun, dressy, and I think still conservative enough for the office.  Maybe. 
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Croco Mary Janes.  WOWZAs!  How fabulous are these, right?  I would wear these puppies until I'm in my 90s.  Then I'll probably have to start toning down the bright colors. 
Resort Chic Wedge Suede by Lily Pulitzer could not be more aptly named because I can completely picture myself on vacation at a resort, feeling chic, with these on my feet.  And a floppy, wide brim, straw hat on my head.  And a deliciously dangerous pina colada.  One in each hand.  

Happy Dreaming!!!

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