Holiday VIP Shopping

Have you ever been invited to a VIP shopping party?  I've heard of these exclusive, after hours, by invitation only soirees, and I'm intrigued by them, although I realize that it's a marketing tactic to lure in loyal customers.  Well, Hubs was personally invited, with a phone call and not a mass email as I would expect, to attend the Nordstrom VIP Holiday party a few weekends ago.  I suspect it's because he recently acquired a Nordstrom CC, but it's hard to imagine that every cc holder was invited with a phone call on the very same day as the event. We decided to check it out, and wow!  We were completely taken aback and impressed by how fancy this party was.  I now see that this marketing tactic definitely works because it makes me want to spend my money at a place that treats their customers this way.
Sipping our FREE peppermint champagne cocktail

Variety of cocktails
An assortment of holiday confectionery
Live band
Lobster Maki

Goat cheese, bacon, and fig/mango bruschetta
Filet of beef bites with horseradish foam
Tomato and onion tartlettes
Peppermint whoopie pie
Mini pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
There were many other hors d'oeuvres and picture worthy details, like the chocolate raspberry cups and the lollipop-tarts, all of which made me feel like a spoiled guest at a lavish wedding.  How crazy, right?!  It was supposed to be just a normal, quiet Sunday night for the Quigleys that spontaneously turned into a fancy fun evening all thanks to their neighborhood Nordstrom. Yay for Christmas!

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