Weddings Recap

I've been to a wedding every month this fall, and all of them were out of town and super duper fun.  I had every intention to make a post about each trip, but I kept delaying the effort because of my shortage of photos.  Nonetheless, I am here now to properly acknowledge each one of these lovely, now married couples adored by the Quigleys.  

The Gaffneys
Chris and Shelli, got hitched on September 25 at the Castle in Franklinton, Louisiana.  The venue was charming, the weather was nice and cool, the bride and groom gushed over each other, and I think there should be more thrones and medieval accessories at every wedding.  
The Browns
Mey and Chris had the absolute perfect beach wedding on October 15 in Georgetown, South Carolina.  We've never been to SC, and Hubs and I have been aching for a beach trip for over a year.  This trip was the perfect remedy.  Our beach house was an HGTV watcher's dream, filled with over a dozen of the craziest, funny, and entertaining friends, and only a block away from the soft sands on our share of the Atlantic coast.  That weekend flew by way too fast, but the memories will forever last: dance-a-thons, beach bon-fire, deeply pondering whether breast milk is dairy, maximum relaxation to full speed partying, hippie Coyt at the Merlotte's-esque bar, accapella R&B, etc.  Did I mention the wedding itself was freakin gorgeous?  And of course, the reception was a blast, with a photo booth, great food, awesome music, and more than enough wine for me to drink.

The cutie on the bottom left, Katie Prados, is the bride for our last wedding in 2011.  She's actually getting married on New Year's Eve, so I guess it can also count as our first wedding of 2012!  
The Kees
Edmund (one of my besties from college and CEO of NOLA's very own fab fashion mag, Amelie G) and Charlotte got married on November 12 in NOLA, and it was soooo much fun.  I actually was sick as a dog that weekend, and I could barely get myself out of bed the morning of the wedding.  Luckily, I mustered up the energy for one of the prettiest NOLA weddings ever.  The gorgeous ceremony was at the fountain at Audubon Park.  The lively reception was at Eiffel.  And my favorite part of the entire day was the wedding party's private streetcar ride from ceremony to reception with a live brass band on board.  It was absolutely incredible!  
Hubs on the left refuses to be suave for the picture.  He's such a rebel.  
Dancing on the streetcar...unbelievable, unforgettable fun times
It was so wonderful to be a part of each of these weddings!  I can't wait for the 2012 couples!!

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