1st Anniversary

Whew!  That went by really fast.  One whole year of being married, check.  This week last year, Hubs and I were in unbelievably gorgeous Lake Tahoe, surrounded by our favorite people in the universe.  The abundant sunshine was the antithesis, or for a more optimistic view, the apex of the year leading up to the wedding.  Warning: Brutal honesty ahead...Wedding planning is insanely stressful and filled with hurdles, tough decisions, and many self-taught lessons on how to control the urge of screaming, crying, and resorting to violence.  I was very lucky that Hubs was very involved, which diffused most of my emotional bombs.  We were also unsure of where we would live, depending on what job I can get, when we would move, etc.  Essentially, we had many heavyweight life issues in front of us, which could be fairly dealt with one at a time but in our case, we had to juggle them all at once.  With the help of our wonderful family and friends, we made it out of that crazy circus unscathed and had the best wedding day ever.  It's like the perfect dessert that you don't even think you can fit in after an array of bold appetizers, deliciously rich entrees, and inebriating cocktails; but after a few bites, it refreshes your palate, completes the meal, and elevates the entire evening with a surprisingly unforgettable impact.        

It seems impossible to take a picture in Lake Tahoe without having it look like a postcard.  If you haven't been there, definitely squeeze it in towards the top of your TO GO list.  
The lovely ladies of my life.
Hubs and buds.


One of the many advantages of living in DC is the unlimited options of what to do and where to go, and the choices expand even more with only a couple of hours driving.  Unfortunately, we didn't have our darling Talula with us during our wedding week (shout-out to Lee for being the bestest substitute mom to her).  So for this weekend, she will definitely enjoy being included in our anniversary getaway to the Blue Ridge mountains and escapades at various Shenandoah Valley doggy-friendly vineyards.  How fun, right?!!   

Barboursville Vineyards, Oh yeahhhhh!

Talula is going to have the best time everrr!
 Did I mention we're also getting massages and indulging in french cuisine? 

Unfortunately, Talula is not included in these activities, although not for lack of trying.  =)   

I'm sooo ready to start the weekend!  The weather is supposed to be superb, and I can hardly wait to check out our cute BnB!  From now until we get there, I will be using exclamation points to help release my overflowing excitement!!!  Hiiiiip....hiiiip...hiiiip...HOORAY!!!!   

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