Canoe and Camping in the Poconos

The Poconos. We canoed. We swam. We camped. We had two dogs with us, friends, and friends of friends.
Hubs, Talula, and Termite on the Delaware River.  New Joisey behind them.

The total distance of our river adventure was 16 miles.  At mile 4, we tied our canoes together and had a floating party.  At mile 6, we set up camp,  played, and swam in the perfectly tempered Delaware River.  Then it rained.  So no bonfire, which is the essential component of a good camping trip.  Dinner consisted of turkey and pepper jack cheese roll ups, Cheez-Its, and Chex Mix. 

Our tent was designated as the place to pass the time with shenanigans and tomfoolery until the rain stopped. There were six people and two dogs in our tent. The rain didn't stop.

And I had to face a very sad reality. Prepare yourself because here it comes. There are some people who have never seen and, more surprisingly, have never even heard of WillowGASP! And they aren't tweenies, either; they're healthy, mentally stable, genuine individuals from Generation Y, also known as Millennials.  How could this happen?!?

Most of the camping peeps.  Only four people, myself included, didn't get poison ivy. Willow-less childhood survivors are present in the picture but will remain unnamed.
Although it was still raining the next morning, we were able to start a fire and roast some hot dogs and sausages for breakfast.  Then on to the remaining 10 miles to get to our cars.  That's right.  Another 10 miles, which translates into another 5 hours on the water and in the rain.  I am so hard core.
Talula, Termite, and me...beyond ready to be clean, dry, and fed.
Hubs is still battling the poison ivy, but aside from that, I would definitely sign us up for this adventure trip in the Poconos again, especially to make up for the missing bonfire element. 

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